Intelligent Drones to Inspect Places at Risk: Turin is the Capital of the Future with Detroit and Tel Aviv

In the agreement between the startup Skypersonic and GM comes the giant STmicroelectronics: objective, surveillance and security in companies and infrastructures

From Detroit to Tel Aviv, passing through Turin. The technological innovation of drones takes home under the Mole thanks to the Torino City Lab and the “reshoring” project to try to bring back brains and companies that went abroad to Italy. Less than a year after the first agreement, the collaboration between the technology conceived by the drone startup, Skypersonic, and GM is enriched by the technological contribution of STMicroelectronics, the multinational semiconductor company that has chosen Turin to develop St-Up accelerator, a program born in Israel.

The idea is to accelerate hardware startups in the main areas in which the company operates such as smart mobility, Industry 4.0 and the IoT and this is where the application for drones was born. “We are working on new technologies for surveillance and security in businesses and in the civil sector that can be mounted on drones such as those of Skyperosonic. The development of neural networks in this field allows us to open new frontiers for artificial intelligence applied to the world of companies and control of industrial spaces “explained Viviana D’Alto of STMicroelectronics during the presentation of the partnership yesterday afternoon. “This opportunity was born thanks to the Skypersonic’s drones, in particular the Skycopter, a powerful spherical drone for industrial inspections, but also the innovative indoor GPS positioning system called Skyloc have long been engaged in inspecting the most inaccessible points of General Motors plants in Detroit. “Our drones guided from Turin inspect factories in the United States as production goes on, but in order tomonitor the bolts of the

structures we have mounted the sensor applications developed by STmicroelectronics and which use artificial intelligence for automatic controls” he tells in connection from the USA, Guiseppe Santangelo, founder and CEO

of Skypersonic. The company was acquired by one of the drone giants, Red Cat Holdings.

And it is precisely from the premises of the aerospace giant in Corso Marche that the drones in action in Detroit are guided. This is done by an Italian engineer, a graduate of the Polytechnic of Turin, Antonio Longo, who is managing Skypersonic’s participation in the Torino Reshoring program: the goal is to strengthen the presence in Italy with a research and development center in the city to grow perhaps as a base for Europe. There are currently 5 people working on the program, but the prospect is to try to double it quickly.

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